Pupil Parliament

Each year, children can put themselves forward to be considered in the election for our School Council Representatives.  Children who wish to be a school councillor, have to prepare a speech – which they have read out, or perform from memory to their peers – encouraging them to vote for them.  We discuss what makes a good ‘manifesto’ or ‘election speech’ prior to the election day.  Children have to vote on a ballot slip, in a process similar to that which would be experienced in a Polling Station when they are voting as an adult.    Our younger children in Little Stars class work together as a class to discuss the issues which need to be considered and aren’t elected as a school council representative.

This year, we have decided to create a Pupil Parliament, mainly consisting of our School Council representatives, but which will also be made up of working party groups for special events: for example a Music Working Party, Playtime Working Party, a Charity Working Party.  Our Subject Leaders will make use of our Pupil Parliament and working parties by involving them in discussions about our different subject areas.  Have a look in our entrance lobby for our Pupil Parliament display.

‘Some people want it to happen.

Some wish it would happen,

Others make it happen!’

Michael Jordan