Jacobstow Community Academy

Making Memories, Nurturing Confidence, Inspiring Ambition for a Bright Future

Jacobstow is a small village in rural North Cornwall, situated ½ mile off the A39 between Bude and Camelford. There has been a school in Jacobstow for over 100 years but the present school was built in 1973 when four local village schools, St Gennys, Week St Mary, Poundstock and Jacobstow, were closed and amalgamated on one site. The children from the four original villages still come to Jacobstow to school, with approximately 75% travelling in each day by school bus.

Our school is an exciting place to learn and grow in. We have 4 classes this year, all named after planets or something space themed!

Little Stars Class – where our Nursery and Reception aged children are taught
Mercury Class – Where our Year 1 and 2 children are taught
Saturn Class – Where our Year 3 and 4 children are taught
Neptune Class – Where our Year 5 and 6 children are taught.

Lucy Tapper, the co-author and illustrator of the Hedgehug series of books, generously created our school and class logos  in September 2019  using our space theme as inspiration.  A huge thank you to Lucy!

Inside, the school building is bright and cheerful, with a range of purposeful spaces around the school.   Our learning spaces are designed around our children’s needs and interests, as well as our curriculum areas and have delightful displays of children’s learning reflecting the work that goes on in all aspects of the curriculum. Our curriculum has recently been reviewed with other schools in our North Cornwall Hub and reflects our community and local area, as well as meeting the National Curriculum requirements.

We have lots of reading areas around our school,  however each teacher has also worked to develop a reading nook in each of their classrooms to help celebrate and share that love of reading.

Following a review of our provision, we have enhanced our computing hardware and software signficantly during the past year.  We have engaged with the DFE Connect the Classroom project to enhance our wifi infrastructure and to make the best use of the extra speeds that our involvement with the Rural Gigabit Connectivity project has provided us with.  We have also set up our Google Classroom and trained all of our staff to allow us to begin to use this more effectively with our children now that our hardware will enable us to do so.  We are really pleased with the introduction of our mobile trolleys of 30 Chromebooks and 10 ipads which enable children to be able to quickly and efficiently access resources, research information and create work.

We have beautiful grounds surrounded by mature trees and countryside views.  There are two playgrounds, a Foundation Stage outdoor learning area, a large playing field complete with climbing frame and trim trail, a Forest School area, Sensory Garden and a school garden.  Following a whole school project to improve the engagement and enjoyment of playtimes, we zoned our playgrounds into three areas based around the children’s interests and suggestions:  The Speed Zone, The Chill and Skill Zone and The Construction Zone.  Each class is allocated a zone each each week in order to help maintain their level of interest and activity.

Our Mission: Flourishing Futures

Our school is a part of an inclusive School Trust where everything begins and ends with the children. We want to ensure that we have a profound impact on the future lives of our children so that they have choices and options which will enable them to flourish as they go though life. Quite simply, we put children first in all that we do.

Our School Trust Charter.


Our Vision

We will be an exceptional School Trust. We are committed to social mobility and a culture of belonging. We do this by investing in people enabling every child to be taught by the very best teachers so that we can achieve social change and all children flourish.


We champion opportunity and equality for all and in all that we do.


We invest in each other and our communities.


We are one team and agree to work as one family.